Activist Security Resources

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Security Culture – A Comprehensive guide for activists in Australia

This website provides information about Security Culture throughout activist groups in Australia which may be working on addressing various issues such as social justice, equality, climate change, human rights, radical environmentalism, anti-globalisation; and many others. It also offers a free download of the information in pdf format.

Free resources to download including A Practical Security Handbook for Activists and Campaigns; Infiltrators, Informers and Grasses; and A Guide to Secure Meetings in Pubs. The Security Handbook covers a range of security issues for activists, from media strategy to planning actions, to dealing with surveillance and infiltration. Readers would do well to heed the warnings included in Infiltrators, Informers and Grasses – don’t become paranoid, don’t gossip, and never make accusations about people without significant investigation and evidence.

Security Culture for Activists

A resource by The Ruckus Society, walks activists through security measures we can take to safeguard ourselves, including helpful advice about people, groups and data security.

Digital Security

Digital Rights Watch

Information, tools and guides about digital rights and security.

Written by human rights lawyers, software consultants, digital security consultants, and specialist academics.

Digital Security for Activists

Written for activists by activists and put together by Riseup, this is a 60 page zine including personal stories and practical advice about digital security and online organizing.

Security in-a-box

Tools and tactics for your digital security a collaborative effort of the Tactical Technology Collective and Front Line. It was created to meet the digital security and privacy needs of advocates and human rights defenders.

Surveillance Self-Defense Project

Resources from the Electronic Frontiers Foundation.

Security for Human Rights Defenders

Workbook on security: practical steps for human rights defenders at risk

Published by Front Line this Workbook is informed by the experience of human rights defenders around the world, many of who operate in extremely repressive and risky environments. The Workbook takes you through the steps to producing a security plan – for yourself and for your organisation. It follows a systematic approach for assessing your security situation and developing risk and vulnerability reduction strategies and tactics.

Integrated Security: The Manual  

Integrated Security Workshops have been developed for women human rights activists and excellent workshop materials are available for download.

New Tactics in Human Rights 

This excellent website includes a wide range of resources. Two online international dialogues have discussed security issues: Staying Safe, Security Resources for Human Rights Defenders and Being Well and Staying

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Activist Security Resources

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