Admin Issues for Activist Groups

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While a lot of activism (and sometimes the very best activism) occurs on a very informal basis and between loose networks of people with common interests, often such informal activity can be the beginning of something that requires greater organisation. 

Legal structure is usually last on the minds of most activists. In fact, you or your organisation may never wish to consider the legal implications of how you structure your organisation because you are opposed to formal structures, strictures and controls in the first place.

However, considering the legal and practical implications of how to structure an activist organisation can be very important to the success of a campaign, the survival of your organisation, or the survival of its members.

In selecting a structure for the organisation you should consider at least five key things:

  1. function,
  2. control,
  3. money,
  4. protection against civil liability, and
  5. insurance.

As a first step in considering the structural needs of your organisation, you may also want to check out the ‘Getting Started’ section of the PilchConnect website or Our Community both of which have loads of great information for not-for-profit organisations at the starting out stage.

The pages below provide information on admin issues for activist groups, particularly those considering registering as a charity, club, association or society.

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Admin Issues for Activist Groups

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