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Ensuring that the group controls its resources and deciding who speaks or acts on its behalf is a major reason to organise.

A group should clearly identify responsibility and have clear guidelines for who:

  • says what, when and to who;
  • can act or speak so as to legally bind members; and
  • is responsible for spending money, making contracts and financial commitments, and meeting legal obligations (and whether they have the information and competence to do so in a way that does not break the law or expose the group to penalties).

A group should also ensure that there is a clear understanding that the objects and philosophy can have implications for the financial dealings of the group. This clarity enables groups to more effectively consider questions like:

  • whether to accept money from particular sources (government, tobacco companies, gaming companies, corporations that operate unethically in developing countries etc);
  • what investments are appropriate – high risk, higher potential return, ethical investments etc; and/or
  • whether to pay members or associates for their services.
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