Activist Rights

International activist legal support contacts

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Anarchist Black Cross Federation Grassroots international network providing support to radical political prisoners.
Just cause law collective Just Cause Law Collective Mobile Legal Support Team Handbooks – This Oakland California organisation provided comprehensive and detailed plain language community legal information with a particular focus on information for marginalised and racially targeted communities. It also contained an useful Mobile Legal Team Handbook and activist specific legal information and legal Observer guides.
Legal Defence & Monitoring Group The Legal Defence and Monitoring Group describe themselves as Volunteers for the Defence of Civil Protest and the Right of Assembly’. The original idea behind the Legal Defence And Monitoring Group was to form legal back up on demonstrations in and around London (Britain). Working in the same way as the Trafalgar Square Defendants Campaign (TSDC) during the Poll Tax demos, the main LDMG roles are to: monitor police behaviour on demonstrations & pickets give unconditional support to anyone arrested or injured provide sympathetic solicitors to those people arrested who want one assist anybody assaulted by the police or wrongly arrested to sue the police monitor court cases and provide support to those held on remand The site is covers information and resources for legal teams and legal observers. Their legal rights sections covers the European Convention on Human Rights and practical arrest rights.
Political Research Associates (PRA) This is an independent, non-profit research centre that studies antidemocratic, authoritarian, and other oppressive movements, institutions, and trends. PRA is based on progressive values, and is committed to advancing an open, democratic, and pluralistic society. PRA provides accurate, reliable research and analysis to activists, journalists, educators, policy makers, and the public at large.
PRA is an essential resource for activists, organisers, journalists, community groups, educatorsanyone needing accurate, up-to-date information on the political Right.
R2K Legal Collective The R2K Legal Collective is comprised of: activists working groups composed of activists (such as Outreach, Fundraising, and Media) the Legal Strategy Group (a closed group of attorneys, defendants, and supporters that has access to some confidential information but is not authorized to make decisions for the entire collective without approval) the Legal Team (criminal and civil lawyers who have volunteered or are paid to work on these cases, including public defenders, private attorneys, NY private attorneys, and national criminal law experts)
Social Activists Legal Students Association The purpose of the SALSA is to: Advance the view that the law can be used as a tool, by activists, to address issues of social justice, inequality, poverty and environmental protection. Research legal issues related to activism and offer this information as a resource to activists and members of the community. Provide a forum in which student activists interested in using the law in this manner can discuss issues related to legal activism and can meet and interact with other student activists and with people actively using the law as an activist tool. Promote ideals of equality, justice, democracy and environmentalism at Weldon via guest speakers, seminars, workshops, etc. Offer direction and access to necessary resources for activists who need legal assistance. This simple and low-grade site is a great example of a specifically activist Legal Support Team and contains a range of downloadable PDF guides, articles and links with other legal sites.
Urban75 Urban75 magazine is a huge UK ezine site featuring bulletin boards, photos, protest, rave, drugs & more. Has a huge activist legal rights section at which covers everything from legal rights for ravers, road protestors, football fans and activists. It has bust cards, links to the London based Legal Defence and Monitoring Group and guides on activist safety and information about police complaints and legal issues.
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