The Gunns 20

In December 2004, Tasmanian timber and forestry giant, Gunns Ltd launched legal proceedings in the

Reclaim the Streets

An overview and analysis of police responses to Reclaim the Street (RTS) events in Melbourne

Women for Peace: No weapons, No war

What makes a 58 year-old, well-behaved woman, who had never stepped forward in public, take

Area denial tactics at Kirribilli

On April 10, 2004 approximately 250 people from various states in Australia rallied in support

The shrine action

The Shrine action on 11 November 2003 & the Myer Window of Suffering In these

Women chained at the US consulate

On Monday, 10 February 2003, at 9.20am, Reta Kaur and another woman chained themselves to


In the lead-up to the no-WTO protests in Sydney in September 2002 the NSW Police

S11 Legal Support Team

Background In September 2000, the World Economic Forum (WEF) was scheduled to meet in Melbourne

John Batman’s statue tried for war crimes

On Sunday October 6th, 1991 approximately eighty Koori and Gubbas (non-aborigines) took to the streets

Pay the rent campaign to the high court

Aboriginal law student takes Australia to the World Court 1997 With native title, negotiators sidelined in the