Activist Rights

Legal support

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Due to the often isolated and high-risk nature of many environmental forest based blockades and actions, well organised activist safety and activist legal support strategies need to be in place.

Useful legal guides for protesters include:

If you need to contact a lawyer:

Environment Defenders Office 

We are an office of lawyers that works on matters of environmental public interest. We can provide you with free legal information and advice over the phone, and provide legal representation in some cases. If we can’t help you straight away, we might be able to arrange a referral to someone who can.

Phone: 8341 3103


Lawyers for Forests

Lawyers for Forests is an association of legal professionals focused on protecting and conserving Victoria’s native forests. Lawyers for Forests provides information to conservationists and forest activists on rights and responsibilities when undertaking protests, and can provide referrals to free legal advice and representation to people who have been charged with protest-related offences.

Phone: 0423 254 514

Email: [email protected]


Victoria Legal Aid

Victoria Legal Aid is a state-wide organization that can provide legal assistance to socially and economically disadvantaged people in Victoria.

Phone: 9269 0120 or 1800 677 402


Community Legal Centres 

Community Legal Centres are independent community organisations that provide legal advice to the public, particularly for those facing economic and social disadvantage. Victoria has 49 Community Legal Centres based all around the State. To find your nearest Community Legal Centre, contact the Federation of Legal Centres.

Phone: 9652 1500


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