Legal information

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The following websites provide information and legislation:

For Commonwealth law:

The Australasian Legal Information Institute This site provides access to a broad range of legislation and cases from across Australia. It is an excellent starting point.

Australian Government This site provides a great deal of interesting and useful information about government services and policies, not just legislation, and is a useful starting point for links to government agencies of every description.

For Victorian law:

Victoria Online and The Law Handbook Online both these sites will assist the search for state legislation or information, policies and links.

For local councils:

Department of Planning and Community Development Use this site to find your own local council’s site.

For hard-copy reference material:
Australian Commonwealth Government Bookshop
190 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000
Tel: 9670 4224
Information Victoria
356 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000
Tel: 1300 366 356

If you wish to find an Act or other Parliament-made law without buying it from a government printer, go to one of the libraries listed in the section following.