Affinity Groups

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Affinity groups are small groups of people working together for a particular objective or purpose.

For a large action, autonomous affinity groups may form to achieve particular goals that help the broader goals of the action to be achieved.

Affinity groups could form for things like:

  • safety and wellbeing;
  • scouting;
  • media or police liaison;
  • legal support; or
  • banner and placard making.

Affinity groups should be able to complete their tasks without needing regular communication with the broader group.

Forming into affinity groups should minimise time and energy spent on coordinating multiple tasks. It should also minimise communication needs between groups.  

Often, affinity groups will be largely made up of people who already know and trust each other. This includes, knowing what things may be triggers for each other as well as knowing the signs that someone might need support.

Having good, supportive affinity groups is one way to minimise trauma and provide support to each other after an action.


For useful information on affinity groups, what they are and how to establish one see:

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Affinity Groups

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