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Although we do a lot of our work in groups, we still need to take responsibility for ourselves. And make it clear that everyone else is expected to do the same.

Each person is responsible for their own actions and behaviour at an action – and should be prepared to take responsibility for how they chose to engage.

This means being prepared for any legal ramifications for your actions, and making sure you have made yourself known to the legal support team if you have any concerns about getting involved in arrestable actions.

Being responsible in an action can also mean:

  • informing your affinity group (or those around you) of any relevant medical needs,
  • pointing out any dangers,
  • being sure that people you’re with have heard police warnings or are informed of any developments,
  • being aware and respectful of the natural environment around you.

It also means respecting other people’s choices and trying to ensure that your actions are not going to:

  • harm,
  • degrade, or
  • endanger –

– other people taking part in actions, or onlookers.

And remember:

If you don’t protest injustice when you can, you may find yourself unable to.

Read about the S11 Legal Support Team and Activist case studies as a further resource.

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