Making Empowered Decisions

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Following are 9 useful tips:

  1. Know about the injustices you are fighting. Be clear about what your vision for social change looks like, and what strategies and tactics it involves.
  2. Be clear about how you want to participant in a protest or action and what you hope to achieve.
  3. Educate yourself about the risks involved in certain protest situations.
  4. Be reflective of your own needs in such a situation and vulnerabilities which might be different to others (you have may child care responsibilities, you may not be an Australian citizen, you may be pursuing career or travel options that having a criminal record may foreclose).
  5. Know your rights in protest situations.
  6. Know what the potential consequences are arising out of a particular protest; what are the likely charges, penalties and other ramifications flowing from that.
  7. Know you limits, barrier and respect them (and the limits and barriers of others)
  8. Know what potential triggers may be for you and take action to avoid or minimise these (this may involve informing support people of these)
  9. Own your actions and choices. Be prepared to take responsibility for your actions.