Jury service

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People who are disqualified from jury service in Victoria are set out in the Juries Act (sch 1) and include those who:

  • within the past two years have been sentenced for an offence by a court;
  • within the past two years have been convicted or found guilty of an offence and placed on an undertaking to the court;
  • at any time have been convicted of one or more indictable offences and sentenced to a total of three years or more in prison;
  • within the past five years have been in prison for less than three months; or served an intensive correction order, suspended sentence or sentence at a youth training centre; or served a community based order or a community corrections order;
  • within the past 10 years have been in prison for more than three months (excluding any imprison­ment for failure to pay a fine) or have been on parole;
  • are on bail for an indictable offence;
  • are remanded in custody;
  • are undischarged bankrupts.

This information has been taken from The Law Handbook section on juries.

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Jury service

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