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Because Authorised Officers have been given particular powers, there are often additional offences for refusing to comply with their orders or for getting in the way of them doing their jobs.

There are too many different types of Authorised Officers to list out offences for each type here. Here are some examples of offences.

It is an offence to:

  • threaten or abuse an authorised DELWP officer exercising their duties or powers (SFTA s87 or FA s96B).
  • hinder or obstruct, without reasonable excuse, an authorised DELWP officer carrying out their duties or powers (SFTA s86, FA s96A, or the SPLA s20).
  • hinder or obstruct an authorised Council officer performing their duties (LGA s224(8)).

You can be fined up to 60 penalty units.

Police and DSE officers can lay multiple charges for a single event, including these types of failure to comply or obstruction offences.

Activists have been faced with up to 14 charges for the same event in past actions.

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