Other powers of authorised officers

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The powers of authorised officers depend on the legislation they are appointed under.

There are too many different typed of Authorised Officers to list everything out here.

You will need to look up the legislation that gives the Authorised Officer power. See DIY Legal Research.



Authorised DELWP officers have the powers to:

  • Direct you to leave a public safety zone (SPLA s14);
  • Seize and remove ‘abandoned goods’ (property you have left unattended) in a State Forest (FA s 95C). They can destroy the item if they think it is perishable, or dangerous;
  • Seize any item used or being used in the commission of an offence, although the officer must provide a receipt (FA s95F; SFTA s88) and make reasonable efforts to return the item to its owner within 7 days, or after 90 days of its seizure the owner can apply for its return (FA s95G); and/or,
  • Start proceedings against you for committing certain offences in reserved forest (FA s78(2)).
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Other powers of authorised officers

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