Activist Rights

Other powers of authorised officers

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The powers of authorised officers depend on the legislation they are appointed under.

For example, authorised DELWP officers have the powers to:

  • Direct you to leave a public safety zone ( SPLAs 14);
  • Seize and remove ‘abandoned goods’ (that is, property you have left unattended in a State Forest by section 95C of the FA. They can destroy the item if they think it is perishable, or dangerous;
  • Seize any item used or being used in the commission of an offence, although the officer must provide a receipt ( FAs 95F; SFTAs 88) and make reasonable efforts to return the item to its owner within 7 days, or after 90 days of its seizure the owner can apply for its return FAs 95G; and/or,
  • Start proceedings against you for committing certain offences in reserved forest ( FAs 78(2)).
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